Proof of Car Insurance – 2 Ways to Get Proof Quickly

Proof of Car insurance read this and learn how to quickly get proof that you have automobile insurance. Proof of auto insurance is something you are going to have to provide if you are ever pulled over by a police officer.
My insurance company sends me a little red and white card once every six months after I pay my premium. I put this card in my wallet and hope that I never have to show it to a police officer. I also keep a copy of my vehicle registration in the car because it is another thing they want to see.
Mary was stopped a few weeks ago and could not find her vehicle registration. She had to go online to the Florida State website, get another one and then take it to the courthouse and pay a $10 fine.
If you cannot find your insurance card there are two easy ways to get it.
1. Call your insurance agent and explain the situation and ask him or her to get you another card or notify the insurance company for you and have it mailed to you. This is one of the advantages of having an insurance agent which I like doing whatever possible.
2. Sometimes however, the direct automobile insurance companies will offer such good deals that you are better off getting insurance without an agent.
If this is the case, go online and you will in all probability have a password or you can use or you can use your insurance identification number and just request that they send a card to you. Most of these online direct auto insurance companies will have a very good website that will take care of all of your needs, including proof of insurance.
In some cases these online insurance companies will even e-mail a copy to the police department or courthouse at your request.
Proof of car insurance is not hard to get if you would just follow these simple instructions by calling your agent or going online to the insurance company website.

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