Non Owner Auto Insurance – What It Is And How To Get It Cheap

The costs of owning a car are so high these days — gas, insurance, maintenance, and other costs keep many people from having their own car. Some people use public transportation or bicycle where they go. No matter whether don’t own a car or are just using somebody else’s, if you regularly drive a car that isn’t yours, you should look into getting cheap non owner auto insurance to cover the costs in case you get into an accident. Read on to find out more about this type of coverage and how to obtain it cheaply.

Non owner auto insurance policies are just that, insurance for people who rent or borrow their car. A non owner policy usually includes:

Property damage coverage, which pays for damage to other people’s vehicles or property in an accident you cause. This type of liability coverage also pays for legal fees when you cause an accident that damages another vehicle.

Bodily injury coverage, which pays for doctors visits, hospital costs, and other medical bills for parties you injure. This means that if you get into an accident and injure somebody else, your non owner insurance policy will pay for their medical bills.

The combination of bodily injury and property damage coverage is often called liability insurance since it protects you from the financial liability of an accident that you cause. When you go looking for non owner car insurance, you should look for quotes on liability insurance. Since you don’t own the car, you can’t get collision coverage.

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Common Questions

Many people think that the car owner’s insurance covers them if they drive the car. This may be true, but it depends on the amount of coverage the owner has. Unless you know for sure that the owner has an adequate amount of liability coverage, you could end up on the hook for paying the difference. This could amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You probably don’t want to risk being in debt or even being taken to court.

Some credit cards automatically cover drivers when you don’t own the car. For example, if you rent a car for a few days, your credit card company usually provides insurance automatically. (That’s why it’s a bad idea to get the extra insurance from the rental car agency.) But be careful! Some credit cars only provide coverage for rental cars, or some other type of car, and some limit the amount of coverage or only provide collision protection.

The best way to get cheap quotes on non owner auto insurance is to compare quotes from many different companies. Since almost every auto insurance company provides non owner insurance, you don’t need to look for one that carries it specifically. Just remember to inquire about liability insurance for a non owner.

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