Golf Driving Tips – 5 Tips That Will Have You Hitting Longer Drives

Have you reached that point in your golf game where you cannot understand why you do not hit the ball further off the tee? Lack of distance with the driver can be really frustrating, especially when you cannot see any reason why you are not hitting the ball longer.
The answer lies in physical strength, and the timing of the golf swing.
1. Physical strength can be built up by exercising the wrists, forearms and those muscle groups which are employed when the golf club is swung. You can use simple ways of strengthening these muscles, such as squeezing a towel. I believe that is what the great Gary Player used to do, and he was no short hitter of the ball in his heyday.
2. Strengthening the fingers and hands helps keep a good grip of the club and will pay off when you snap the wrists through the ball at impact. This is where the power for the shot is generated.
3. Make sure you stand with your feet wider apart then the width of your shoulders at the address. A good base, kept solid throughout the swing, ensures stability and contributes to longer hitting.
4. Keeping the driver low to the ground during the back swing ensures a full shoulder turn, being sure to keep a firm grip on the club all the time.
5. After a slight pause at the top of the back swing, start the downswing by leading with the left hip, keeping the wrists fully cocked until they are about waist height, then whip them through the ball, and be sure to follow through after the ball is hit.
Practicing these tips will help you to hit longer drives, and you will be the envy of your golfing buddies.

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