Drive the Golf Ball Straighter With Our Driving Tips

Here are some driving tips.
Your stance is one of the most important parts of hitting you driver. Without stability, you can pretty much throw accuracy out the window. You need to have a wider than normal stance to promote a stable base. A good rule of thumb is to stand with your legs just past shoulder width apart.
How are you going to hit the ball straight if you are not lined up properly towards your target? You would be surprised at the number of golfers that have poor alignment. A lot of golfers will push their tee shots into the woods and blame it on a poor swing when they were actually aimed there. You might even be one of them and not even know it yet.
First, you need to set up parallel to target. An example I like to use is the “RAILROAD TRACK APPROACH”. Start by lining up to the ball like you normally would. Pretend that your feet are standing on one side of some railroad tracks and the ball on the other. Your feet and shoulders need to be pointed to the left of the target. The ball and club face should be pointed directly at the target.
A good way to test your alignment is to lay 2 clubs down of the ground while hitting on the range. One club should be pointing towards the target and the other club in front of your feet. Both clubs should be parallel to each other.
The reason why golf driving tips on the tee height are important is because it affects how high you hit the ball. The higher you tee it, the higher the ball will go. (within reason) The lower you tee it, the lower it will go. You should experiment on the range to find the most appropriate tee height for your swing. A good rule of thumb is to tee the ball up to where 1/4 inch of the ball is above the club face of the driver.
The ball position is important because it affects which part of the downswing that you make contact with the ball. Just remember when hitting your driver, play the ball on the inside heel of the front foot.
Now that you have lined up to the ball properly and adjusted your tee height, it is time for golf driving tips about the swing. A good approach to hitting the driver is to swing with a sweeping motion. What I mean by this is you do not hit down on the ball. Instead, you are “sweeping” the ball off the tee.
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