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Tips For Driving In The Snow – Avoid Ending Up Like Frosty The Snowman

Here are tips for driving in the snow. If you want to avoid looking like Frosty the Snowman while taking a trip to the grocery store, you will want to be armed with these suggestions on how to drive in the snow without a side, slipping trip to the ditch.
Let’s face it; there is nothing more frustrating than driving through the snow with poor visibility and suddenly you hit a slipper spot on the road and the next thing you know you are spinning out of control. And, it’s downright scary being out of control with your vehicle and you end up finding yourself hood to hood with another vehicle.
A more pleasant thought is that of sipping hot chocolate by a fire, watching the snow fall from the warmth of your home. So, by all means if you don’t have to go out in the snow, don’t.
That is probably the best tip for driving in the snow.
It maybe not always the most practical tip but definitely the safest.
If you absolutely must go out, here are some other tips for driving in the snow to help you and your family reach your destination safely.
*Slow …

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Colorado Auto Insurance – Mandatory and Optional Types of Insurance in Colorado

No matter whether you are planning to buy your first car or whether you want to renew your Colorado auto insurance, you have to comply with the current regulations in the state of Colorado. It is worth learning more about the required types of coverage and their minimum amounts as well as about the optional coverage and whether you should get it or not.
Your policy must include bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage. The Colorado auto insurance regulations have set minimum amounts for both. You are required to purchase at least $25,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per person and $50,000 of liability per accident. The amount of property damage liability you are legally obliged to purchase is $15,000.
You are free to purchase as much of these types of coverage as you deem fit. It is important for you to calculate the financial risk you are taking by getting smaller liability coverage. In general, the more you purchase the less likely you are to use your savings and possibly other assets to pay victims of a car crash that you have caused. Experts usually recommend buying around $100,000 of bodily injury liability per person and …

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Non Owner Auto Insurance – What It Is And How To Get It Cheap

The costs of owning a car are so high these days — gas, insurance, maintenance, and other costs keep many people from having their own car. Some people use public transportation or bicycle where they go. No matter whether don’t own a car or are just using somebody else’s, if you regularly drive a car that isn’t yours, you should look into getting cheap non owner auto insurance to cover the costs in case you get into an accident. Read on to find out more about this type of coverage and how to obtain it cheaply.

Non owner auto insurance policies are just that, insurance for people who rent or borrow their car. A non owner policy usually includes:

Property damage coverage, which pays for damage to other people’s vehicles or property in an accident you cause. This type of liability coverage also pays for legal fees when you cause an accident that damages another vehicle.

Bodily injury coverage, which pays for doctors visits, hospital costs, and other medical bills for parties you injure. This means that if you get into an accident and injure somebody else, your non owner insurance policy will pay for their medical bills.

The combination …

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How to Create a Consistent Stance For Straighter Golf Drives

Not many things are as demoralizing in the game of golf than consistently missing fairways due to errant drives. The drive is the one shot where you’re guaranteed a great lie, so why do we struggle with this shot so much? There’s actually a very easy explanation because despite having similar circumstances for each drive, we often struggle with creating a consistent stance and ball position.
We all understand that we have to put the driver on a tee and the reason we do that is because this club has only about twice as much loft as your putter. Therefore, we put the ball on a tee so we hit the ball on the way up, increasing the launch angle of the club. Along with the tee, we should place the ball forward in our stance, just off the inside of your front foot.
One of the primary problems that amateur golfers often have is the ball is never in the same position twice. There was actually a recent study about ball position that concluded that a professional golfer’s ball position stays consistent with every club and swing while amateurs very rarely maintain the same ball position for that particular …

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Care Car Tips – Saving Time and Expense of Auto Repair

Oil Changes
Follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations as outlined in your owner’s manual. Typically you should have your oil and oil filter changed every 3,000 to 4,000 miles.
Your vehicle has a number of important fluids that are critical for safety and performance of the vehicle. These include brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission/transaxle fluid, windshield washer solvent and antifreeze. Have them all checked regularly.
Check tire inflation. Under-inflated tires can result in a loss of fuel efficiency. This is the least expensive form of preventive and safety maintenance. Tires should be checked once a month.
Engine Maintenance
A dirty spark plug or a plugged fuel injector can reduce fuel economy by up to 30 percent. Keep your engine in proper tune.
Your vehicle’s suspension has a number of moving parts that require regular lubrication. Doing so will extend the life of these critical components.
Battery terminals and cables can develop corrosion, which will reduce your vehicle’s ability to start. Don’t wait to discover this some chilly winter morning! Check battery cables and posts for corrosion and clean as needed. Non ‘maintenance-free’ should be have their fluid level periodically checked.
Your vehicle’s lighting is an …

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Routine Maintenance to Improve the Performance of Your Luxury Vehicle

There are many advantages to owning a luxury vehicle. These automobiles are known for their performance, status, and refinement. Chances are, you paid a hefty price for your foreign import. Keeping it in top condition and running efficiently will protect your investment and improve longevity. Routine maintenance is essential for all vehicles, but especially important for the special requirements of a luxury vehicle.
The performance of your luxury vehicle depends greatly on how well maintained you keep it. From oil changes to transmission inspections, routine car maintenance and repair greatly influences the drive-ability of your vehicle. Recommendations from the manufacturer are found in your owner’s manual. While these are good guidelines, how much and how hard you drive your car may influence those service timelines. For example, those individuals who do a lot of stop and go driving may put more stress on their engine and other parts than those who primarily drive on highways.
Many luxury vehicle manufacturers are recommending longer intervals between services to make their cars appear more maintenance-free. While there certainly is better technology and longer-lasting parts than in the past, modern vehicles still require regular service to ensure that they are performing efficiently. Leaving oil …

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Preventative Vehicle Maintenance Saves Money and Time

We rely on our vehicles to get us to work, run errands, transport our families, travel long distances, and get us home again safely, regardless of weather or road conditions. Despite our reliance on our vehicles, many owners neglect or delay routine maintenance in hopes of saving money. While this approach may save money in the short term, following a routine maintenance schedule can actually save drivers money in the long run by improving gas mileage and preventing costly repairs.

Routine maintenance will ensure that your vehicle is working properly and efficiently. Worn and damaged equipment are replaced or repaired, preventing breakdowns and vehicle malfunctions. Engine fluids and filters are checked and replaced or replenished during these inspections as well. Tires are inflated to the proper pressure level, improving your car’s fuel-efficiency and improving handling.

Every new car comes with an operating manual that outlines recommended maintenance intervals specific to your vehicle. Performing the services provided in this guide will help prevent major service and repairs in the future. Taking proper care of your car can increase its life, optimize gas mileage, protect your vehicle warranty, and improve resale value.

Increase The Life Of Your Vehicle:

Proper care and regular …