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How to Create a Consistent Stance For Straighter Golf Drives

Not many things are as demoralizing in the game of golf than consistently missing fairways due to errant drives. The drive is the one shot where you’re guaranteed a great lie, so why do we struggle with this shot so much? There’s actually a very easy explanation because despite having similar circumstances for each drive, we often struggle with creating a consistent stance and ball position.
We all understand that we have to put the driver on a tee and the reason we do that is because this club has only about twice as much loft as your putter. Therefore, we put the ball on a tee so we hit the ball on the way up, increasing the launch angle of the club. Along with the tee, we should place the ball forward in our stance, just off the inside of your front foot.
One of the primary problems that amateur golfers often have is the ball is never in the same position twice. There was actually a recent study about ball position that concluded that a professional golfer’s ball position stays consistent with every club and swing while amateurs very rarely maintain the same ball position for that particular …