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Auto Repair – What To Do When You’re Unhappy With Your Bill

Have you ever been handed a bill for auto repair that didn’t match up with your expectations? If you’ve been to a mechanic enough times, this has probably happened to you. If you’re fortunate, the sticker shock occurs before the actual work has been done and you can then choose to take your business elsewhere if you feel the price is out of line. If, however, the bill comes after your car is ready to go, you may have been unsure about what to do. Getting your car fixed can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you should be overcharged and ripped off. Here are some things you can do when you aren’t satisfied with the price.
Compare the Estimate
Never get auto repair done without being given a written estimate. If you did so, then you may already be out of options. A business has the right to charge their customers virtually any price they want, with some exceptions. If you failed to ask how much you would be expected to pay, you may not have much of an argument after the bill arrives. But since few shops proceed with work without providing such an estimate, you’ll probably have …

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Car Insurance for Seniors

Here are some facts about the Australian population. We are living longer and, thanks to the baby years, today there is a large proportion of the Australian population in the seniors age bracket. We also know that many of our seniors are still driving. So popular have seniors become that there is now a special card for them offering concessions and activities designed solely for their participation.
So where does that place seniors when it comes to car insurance? Well very nicely because car insurers have discovered that seniors are, generally speaking, among the best and safest drivers on our road. Insurers love a good risk and in seniors they see clients who care for their car, drive carefully and are unlikely to have accidents. They are the perfect customer.
This in turn means special rates and offers for seniors. While the governments may regard seniors as aged sixty plus, many car insurance companies regard someone as a senior once they turn fifty. That’s more good news for the customer. Studies show that seniors are more likely to stay closer to home than younger drivers and have fewer accidents. Many have clean driving records.
But while all this is good …

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Fraudulent Acts by Auto Repair Shops

There are a number of ways you can protect yourself when you drive or operate a motor vehicle. One way is to protect yourself from auto repair scams. Good auto shops can make sure that your car runs smoothly without trying to scam you out of your hard-earned money. Some of these shops implement different tactics to attempt to defraud you or your auto insurance provider. In fact, Americans lose millions of dollars every year to bad or extraneous auto repairs, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Types of Auto Maintenance Shop Scams

Shady maintenance shops can try a number of tactics to try to get you to pay more than you should for repairs to your vehicle. Ways they could scam customers include:

Adding on unnecessary charges to your bill

Performing unnecessary repairs

Using old or defective parts

Performing bad or defective repairs

Hooking clients with specials and then performing unnecessary and expensive maintenance

If you are the victim of these kinds of scams, your life may be in danger if you drive a badly repaired vehicle. You could also risk paying more for insurance because of the high charges and unneeded repairs. This is why it …

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How to Drive in Branson, Missouri, Like a Local

Vacations are a time for fun, not driving hassles. Getting around the live music show town of Branson, Missouri, can be confusing and frustrating to new visitors unless they learn the layout beforehand.
The main routes have only two lanes plus a center turn lane, which are adequate much of the time. But during peak seasons, cars inch bumper-to-bumper on the main thoroughfare, known as The Strip. A 10-minute drive in non-peak times can stretch to 40 minutes or more on busy days. Branson’s peak seasons are Spring Break, summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day) and Christmas (November and December).
You can minimize the aggravation of driving in peak season when you learn the general layout of the Branson and its system of color-coded routes.
Branson Layout
The main east-west route, State Highway 76, runs west from the historic downtown along The Strip (which is lined with theaters, attractions, restaurants and lodging) toward the area’s popular theme park, Silver Dollar City. The length of The Strip is about 5 miles. Interstate 65 runs north-south between the historic downtown and The Strip. Springfield, Missouri, lies to the north and Harrison, Arkansas, to the south. Most visitors arrive in Branson via I-65.…

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Car Scratch Remover – How to Solve All of Your Car Scratch Remover Problems Once and For All

Car Scratch Remover questions: One question I get a lot is how to remove those fine scratches that are all over my car. They look horrible in bright sunshine! I will back up just a bit and tell you the reason you have those fine scratches, known as swirls or spider web scratches. The root cause is due to the paint not properly protected and cared for. 
The environment has taken a toll on the unprotected paint finish leaving it vulnerable to just about anything that brushes up against it, automatic carwashes, and inferior home car washing accessories. Also environmental factors dry out the paint and also contribute to ugly swirls. Another thing that is hard on paint finishes is using dishwashing soap. It strips wax on your car paint just like it removes grease from pots and pans…leave it in the kitchen where it belongs!
Contrary to popular belief, anyone can restore abused paint that has swirl scratches, at home, if they use the correct products. Also it is not necessary to use expensive power tools, this can be done effectively and quickly at home with the correct formulas.  I say correct products because nearly everything found in the auto parts store is not effective in removing swirls, or …

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Golf Driving Tips – 5 Tips That Will Have You Hitting Longer Drives

Have you reached that point in your golf game where you cannot understand why you do not hit the ball further off the tee? Lack of distance with the driver can be really frustrating, especially when you cannot see any reason why you are not hitting the ball longer.
The answer lies in physical strength, and the timing of the golf swing.
1. Physical strength can be built up by exercising the wrists, forearms and those muscle groups which are employed when the golf club is swung. You can use simple ways of strengthening these muscles, such as squeezing a towel. I believe that is what the great Gary Player used to do, and he was no short hitter of the ball in his heyday.
2. Strengthening the fingers and hands helps keep a good grip of the club and will pay off when you snap the wrists through the ball at impact. This is where the power for the shot is generated.
3. Make sure you stand with your feet wider apart then the width of your shoulders at the address. A good base, kept solid throughout the swing, ensures stability and contributes to longer hitting.
4. Keeping the …

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Drive the Golf Ball Straighter With Our Driving Tips

Here are some driving tips.
Your stance is one of the most important parts of hitting you driver. Without stability, you can pretty much throw accuracy out the window. You need to have a wider than normal stance to promote a stable base. A good rule of thumb is to stand with your legs just past shoulder width apart.
How are you going to hit the ball straight if you are not lined up properly towards your target? You would be surprised at the number of golfers that have poor alignment. A lot of golfers will push their tee shots into the woods and blame it on a poor swing when they were actually aimed there. You might even be one of them and not even know it yet.
First, you need to set up parallel to target. An example I like to use is the “RAILROAD TRACK APPROACH”. Start by lining up to the ball like you normally would. Pretend that your feet are standing on one side of some railroad tracks and the ball on the other. Your feet and shoulders need to be pointed to the left of the target. The ball and club face …